Automate All The Things

Business Process Automation, Support & Email Deliverability for Keap.

We help small business owners Automate to get things done.

One of the easiest ways to leverage yourself and grow your business is with automation. From marketing automation to business process automation and integrating existing systems, you are freeing yourself up to do more with less time and resources, and to have fewer mistakes and things fall through the gaps.

Meppy uses the Keap platform to translate your business processes and systems into an automated workflow.

What we do

Meppy Services

Keap Setup & Support

Whether you need help with the decision to use Keap for your business, or you have been using it for years and need help with existing automations and integrations. We can help you setup, cleanup, or tune-up Keap for your business.

Keap Integration

Keap is a fantastic automation, CRM and email marketing platform for small businesses, but we believe it's power comes when you integrate it with your other systems and platforms.

Email Deliverability & Email Authentication​

Reaching the inbox has become harder in recent years, so it's vital that you follow best practices to improve the chances your emails reach your contacts inbox.

Business Process Automation​

We take your business processes, simple or complex, and help you map them out and automate them using Keap to manage and control the flow. Do more with less, and stop letting things fall through cracks.​

Technology Consulting​

Meppy comes from a background in IT managed services, so we are well placed to offer general technology advice when it comes to how you can optimise the running of your online business. ​

Membership Site Setup & Support

Meppy can help your business leverage Keap with Memberium to create an online membership, business portal or learning space (using the LearnDash LMS). Memberium already running but it's out of control? We can help.​

What problem can I help you solve?

I have a passion for helping small businesses automate. With a long career in technology, I am uniquely positioned to help small business owners and marketers make the most of Keap in their business.

Email Sending Health Review Terms & Conditions


To allow us to provide a full review with as much information as possible, the following must be available or supplied by the purchaser:

  1. Have a custom domain that you send marketing email from.
  2. Have access, and can make changes to, your DNS records (we can assist with this to a limited degree).
  3.  Be using a CRM or email marketing platform.
  4. Complete the initial questionnaire that we send you.
  5. Provide a single domain name that you send marketing email from for us to review

To allow us to be able to provide the Google Postmaster Tools review, we will require the following:

  1. You are sending “enough” marketing/business email from your custom domain that Google is able to report data for. This is out of our control and Google do not publish this threshold. Low email sending may mean we will be unable to provide the Google Postmaster Tools component of this review. 
  2. You can add a DNS TXT record for us to tell Google you are allowing us to view your Postmaster Tools statistics.

To allow us to be able to provide the EmailSmart email health score, we will require the following:

  1. You are using a compatible CRM platform to send marketing emails.
  2. You can successfully connect your CRM to EmailSmart, or we are able to do this on your behalf.

To allow us to be able to provide the Email Authentication review, we will require the following:

  1. Your custom domain name.
  2. You send us test emails to a special email address that we will inform you of, from all your services that you send email from. i.e. CRM, email provider, help desk, etc.
  3. You inform us of every platform and service that you use to send email from your custom domain.

General Terms and Conditions

By purchasing this service, you acknowledge the following:

  1. You understand the prerequisite and that not meeting some ore all of them will impact the ability of us to provide a full review.
  2. The Email Sending Health Review is a review, and is not a comprehensive in depth analysis or audit of your sending practices, content, list health, automation, etc. If you require a more in depth audit, we can provide this for you at additional cost.
  3. While we will provide as much specific and actionable advice as possible, much of the advice may be general in nature based on the limited information we are able to gather from the questionnaire, DNS, Email Authentication, Google Postmaster Tools and EmailSmart HealthScore.
  4. Any factor outside our control that makes providing some or all of the review content impossible, we are not liable for.
  5. If for reasons outside our control we are not able to do any of the review items, we will refund your fee less (at our discretion) a small fee to cover our costs in handling this unlikely event.
  6. If we are unable to provide the review due to factors completely within our control, we will refund the full fee.
  7. We will not be liable for any costs that you may or may not incur from following or ignoring any of the advice or recommendations in the review.
  8. Due to the nature of how some of the data is collected, there can be delays in completing the review that are outside our control. For example, getting DNS records updated, waiting for Postmaster Tools to populate with data, etc.