What is Email Authentication, and why you Need it Configured TODAY!

Email deliverability is vital and if you don’t manage your email reputation then it’s costing your business.

Get it Sorted…

Getting your email delivered to your prospects inbox, is similar to a scientific formula… and the formula for email deliverability is comprised of numerous different elements.

Here’s just a few of those elements…

The one thing that so many marketers, business owners and anyone with an email list leaves out of the formula, can actually be key to it all.

PLUS not getting this part right, will often mean your formula gives you the wrong result (poor email deliverability) time and time again. Want to know what the crazy thing is? It’s not that hard to do, yet so many don’t. Is it Simple? Yes. Is it easy to get wrong if you do it yourself? You Betcha. What’s the value of getting it done the right way?

It’s priceless.

What would happen to your marketing campaign if you could increase deliverability by 1%, 2%, 10%, 50%?

What would happen if more of your emails arrived in your prospects inbox, more of them opened them? More of them saw your awesome sales message? And more of them clicked on your links to your sales pages? Increase in profits? I think so.

Can we promise that? Of course not – we didn’t work on the other 3 elements listed above with you, so that my friend, is up to you. But can we help you to get this crucial element of the email deliverability formula setup right, so you’re setup with the best chance of success?  You betcha. Let us help you put your best emails forward.

Get it Sorted…

The Details*

  • Correct SPF record name created and tested for your CRM, email provider, and any other services you use that send email on your behalf.

  • DKIM record setup and tested for your CRM/Email Marketing platform and your main email service provider (e.g. Google Workspace, Office365, etc.)

  • A DMARC record configured to manage your reputation and stop scammers using your domain name.

  • 2 week trial of a DMARC analyser and monitoring service.

  • Up to 2 free changes/additions to your SPF or DKIM records within 30 days.

  • All work guaranteed – if it’s not right the first time, or your web or email provider doesn’t follow our instructions the first time, we will keep at it until it’s done right.

What We Will Need

Who Are We?


Meppy has over 25 years IT industry experience. Before becoming Email Deliverability consultants we provided high level IT managed services to businesses specialising in Email servers and services, managing Internet services, domain names, DNS, web hosting, etc. We would often be called in to troubleshoot problems that couldn’t be solved by a business’s web host or other IT provider. Your systems are in safe hands and we stand behind what we do.

Setup Email Authentication for One Domain

AUD$450+ GST*
  • We take care of the techie stuff
  • Guaranteed done right
  • Hassle free

* GST applies to Australian customers only.

Approximately: USD$293 / £235 / €274 / CAD$397

+ relevant currency and bank charges