Automate All The Things!

Meppy was founded in 2006 by Mark Penney to help small businesses in Melbourne make better use of technology to grow and be more competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape, Meppy has evolved and grown and now provides business automation technology, centred around the extremely powerful and flexible Infusionsoft platform, to small businesses across Australia and around the world.

With our strong background in providing technology services over the years, we are uniquely positioned to help you navigate the ever complex world of cloud based marketing and business automation solutions. Whether you just need a simple marketing campaign built, or have complex business processes you want to automate that requires connecting Infusionsoft to various other platforms, we are here to help make that happen.

Infusionsoft Most Helpful Partner Award - 2016
Mark Penney with his Infusionsoft Most Helpful Partner Award

Infusionsoft Certified Partner

Meppy is a fully registered Infusionsoft Certified Partner (ICP) and so you can be assured that we are not only committed to the product and up to date with the very latest Infusionsoft has to offer, but we also have a close relationship with Infusionsoft and all the other partners worldwide.

Awarded Most Helpful Partner

Mark Penney was awarded Infusionsoft Most Helpful Partner in 2016 by Infusionsoft employees. Mark is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant (ICC) and graduated top of his class, so you know you are getting top notch skills.

Mark was a guest on the Business Addicts podcast, where he talked about Email Deliverability. You can listen to the episode here.

To find out how Meppy can help you grow your business with Infusionsoft and “Automate All The Things” get in touch here, and Mark will get back to you to book a no obligation chat.