Get Ready for the Google Email Changes

Get ready for the Google Email changes with these Meppy email deliverability services. We can also provide consulting and support with your Keap app and automation, setup re-engagement and bounce management automation, etc.

Don’t leave it to the last minute to get your email sending health sorted. You may need to take remediation actions that will take a little time, meanwhile your ability to REACH Google (and Yahoo/Microsoft) inboxes will suffer.

Email Sending Health Review

Doctor inspecting the health of an email

Not sure if Google’s changes will affect your business?

Meppy can help identify whether you are ticking all the boxes needed to protect your domain reputation and land in inboxes.

Our Email Sending Health Review takes 1-2 weeks, and includes*:

  • Domain name and DNS service checkup
  • Email Authentication checkup
  • Google Postmaster Tools checkup
  • EmailSmart Health Score
  • General sending practices
  • General list health and hygiene
  • Summary of actions needed
  • A 10-minute Zoom call to run through the results and discuss recommended next steps
AU$299¹ + GST
*Please click here to read about the prerequisites for us to be able to provide you with the most complete possible review.

¹Approximately USD$198 / £156 / €184 / CAD$272 + relevant currency and bank charges. GST applies for Australian customers only.

Email Authentication Setup

Checking Email Authentication

We can take care of your email authentication setup for you or your clients.

This includes the following for your email-sending domain*:

  • DNS checkup
  • SPF record setup
  • DKIM records for the following services if they send email from your domain:
    • CRM/Email Marketing platform – e.g. Keap, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.
    • Email provider – e.g. Google, Microsoft, etc.
    • Your website – this may require additional setup and cost if DKIM is not supported by your web hosting provider
    • Any third party-services you nominate
  • DMARC record setup
  • DMARC monitoring setup – requires you to subscribe to a 3rd party service: between US$0-$12 per domain for the first month, optional (but recommended) after that.

This setup is very involved and can take several weeks to complete to allow for initial monitoring to be completed.

AU$500² + GST

* Conditions apply.

²Approximately USD$297 / £235 / €277 / CAD$409 + relevant currency and bank charges. GST applies for Australian customers only.

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