Order Form Identity Swap – A Workaround

Keap Order Form Swap

IMPORTANT NOTE: this article is out of date.
We now have a more advanced way to handle this. Keep an eye out for the new article coming soon!

Have you ever found a customer with orders on their record that don’t make sense, or found their details have changed unexpectedly? Chances are you have been hit with the Order Form Identity problem.

Keap Order Form Address Fields

When you send an order form link in an email to a contact in Keap (Infusionsoft), the form fields are automatically pre-filled with the details from the contact record. Super convenient, and generally saves the contact time and reduces the chance they will make a mistake. The problem arises when the email is forward to a third party, or the customer uses someone else’s credit card and uses their details on the form instead of their own. Ideally Keap should handle these scenarios, it’s not a problem when a web form is forwarded for example. But unfortunately, this problem has been around for a while and is not likely to be fixed any time soon. So, what can you do about it??? Glad you asked!

Workaround Version 1

The problem comes about when someone modifies the contact information on the order form. So what you can do is lock some of the fields from being changed using some simple code in the HTML section of the order form. That’s great… but what if someone still wants to forward the form? Simple.. we just provide a link to a version of the order form that isn’t linked to the contact and doesn’t have the fields locked. So I need two versions of every form? Sadly for now, yes. I am working on a new version that will use the same form and if you reload it unlinked to a contact it unlocks the fields. But for now this works nicely, especially if you only have a few forms.

The Code

Use the code snippets below on your locked order form…

Product Information
					<h2>Not your details?<a
href="https://[your_appID].infusionsoft.com/app/orderForms/unlocked_order_form_name">Click here to create an order for you.</a></h2>
Custom Footer
	jQuery( "#emailAddress" ).prop( 'disabled', true );
	jQuery( "#firstName" ).prop( 'disabled', true );
	jQuery( "#lastName" ).prop( 'disabled', true );
	jQuery( "#phoneNumber" ).prop( 'disabled', true );
	jQuery( "#company" ).prop( 'disabled', true );

That’s all there is to it. You just need to have a copy of the order form that doesn’t have this code and copy it’s URL into the bold part of the Product Information code above.

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