Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Smurfs

Windows touch screen laptops and screens are awesome. Something that Apple doesn’t have that makes the whole computing experience that much better. But unfortunately sometimes cool features can have unexpected consequences.

When using Infusionsoft in Campaign Builder Reporting mode, you can hover the mouse over a sequence or an item and a little blue circle with a people icon appears… we call it the “Smurf“. Clicking on the Smurf will show a list of contacts in that sequence or at that item (you can adjust the search to show you queued and completed too). This is really handy when debugging campaigns, quickly removing people from sequences, etc.

The problem on touch screen Windows devices is that since updates from both Chrome and Firefox these Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Smurfs are no longer appearing when you hover the mouse over them.

To fix this problem in both browsers you need to make some changes to some hardcore settings under the hood.. these settings should be safe to change, but we cannot guarantee that they won’t mess with other features in the browser, so give it a go and let us know if you find any unexpected consequences


Please let us know if this works for you (or doesn’t!), and if you notice any other problems with these settings. Obviously some touch features will not work as well with these turned off, but until Infusionsoft fix the code that makes this feature work to be touch friendly we are stuck with crippling the browser slightly.

We have heard some reports that historical (24 hour and 30 day) mode still may have issues displaying Smurfs, but we are not sure if this is a separate issue or not. Please report if you have this problem.